The Ristiveto Festival is linked this year with Ateneum’s “Sibelius and the World of Art” exhibition, which explores the composer’s contacts with the art scene of his day. With this year’s festival we also want to paint a picture of Sibelius though the phenomena that surrounded him. Contrary to how we often think of Sibelius, he did not only compose in the peace and quiet of Ainola surrounded by his own inner landscapes. He was very much influenced also by other composers, their discoveries and their esthetic choices. Correspondingly, the language of Sibelius also inspired other composers. During the anniversary year in 2015 it would be interesting to approach his music by putting it in the context of the music of his day. Therefore, at this year’s Ristiveto Festival we will hear music for the most part by composers other than Sibelius himself. The international guests on this year’s festival are the versatile violinist/violist Sergey Malov and the astonishing cellist Richard Lester.

The aim of the Ristiveto Festival is to breathe new life into classic works of Late Romanticism and Early Modernism. Despite the relatively brief distance in time, the sound of classical music changed radically in the 1900s. The Ristiveto Festival takes us back closer to the sounds of the early 20th century. String players play on gut instead of metal strings, and pianists perform on pianos from the early 1900s whose acoustics were designed for smaller halls rather than the massive concert halls of today.

The artistic directors of Ristiveto Festival are pianist Emil Holmström, violinist Eriikka Maalismaa and cellist Markus Hohti.


    The programme of 2015 Ristiveto Festival has been published and you can now buy tickets at Ateneum’s  online shop.

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